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How will my patients' calls be handled?
  During normal business hours (9am to 5pm CST) your calls and those from your patients will be answered by a person, not an impersonal voice mall system. Our offices and departments have adequate staffing and telephone lines to meet your needs. We have toll- free numbers for you and your patients to use. We fully understand the positive impact when patient billing inquiries are handled professionally, courteously and in a timely manner.
How many people will work on my account?
  Your practice is assigned an administrative director, a billing manager, and other dedicated staff to  efficiently handle your practice needs.
Will the transition affect my cash flow?
  You only have one chance to make a first impression and that’s how we view the Transition Period. Many practices fear there will be loss of income during the transition, however, we have a transition team that ensures all information is gathered, all steps are taken to assure a seamless transition.
What about Collections & Collection Agencies?
  We feel that follow-up on delinquent accounts is so important that specific employees are dedicated to this function. Often, we find the reason for delinquency results from a problem with the initial patient registration during the patient intake process often requiring basic research to resolve the issue. Sometimes it is necessary to contact insurance companies on the patient’s behalf to provide additional information that will result in payment. Naturally, we also contact patients and when necessary, we can establish a budget payment plan (per your specifications) allowing regular monthly payments to the practice.

In short, before an account goes to a collection agency, we make every effort to achieve payment by putting extra effort into following up with the facilities and insurance carriers.

We are not a "licensed collection" agency and feel that our contractual responsibility is to collect as much of your fees as possible at a rate much lower than that of a collection agency. Your collection agency should provide a quality control check in the work we do up front. We do have the ability to report delinquent accounts to the credit bureaus. we can recommend a reliable collection agency to you, upon request.
How will the payments be handled?
  This is an individual practice decision. You may use our lockbox without cost or your own bank's lockbox. We make daily bank deposits and all payments are posted promptly.
Who will be doing the actual entry of charge and payments and when?
  Your practice will be assigned to a dedicated staff of charge entry and payment posting personnel headed by their Billing Manager.
What kind of reports will I get and can I get them electronically?
  List of standard monthly reports

Practice summary
  A one-page snapshot covering MTD and YTD of figures for charges, payments, number of procedures, accounts receivable and other key financial indicators such as net collection percentage and 12 month trending.
  Transaction Summary by CPT code/Payor
  Charge Summary by Payor
  Referring Doctor Summary
  Charge Report by Revenue Center (CPT code group)
  Charge Report by Doctor
  Payment Summary by Payor
  Write-Off Summary by Payor
  Aging Summary
  Net Collections Report
  Some Custom Reports are available

  All reports can be sent via paper/US mail or e-mailed in a PDF format.
Who does the patient call with a billing issue or question?
  The call us not you, our toll free number is listed on your patient statements.
What kind of information do you need from my practice?
  To make things easier and more accurate, we will work from your existing super-bill/charge sheet. You can send your charges as frequently as you want (daily, biweekly, weekly etc..)
What will you charge me for this service?
  Our fees are based upon a percentage of collections and are all inclusive – there are no hidden charges.